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Such an interesting conversation

Monday, November 08, 2004
I had an IM convo this weekend with someone who voted for Bush, but is otherwise sane. Her big issue was terrorism, as in you shouldn't change leadership in the middle of a war [which will never end, imho], and we haven't had another terrorist attack since 9/11. On social issues, she's fairly liberal, but they simply weren't her top concern. I didn't even go into debunking the war issues, because I think she's drunk too much kool-aid on that count. I did mention some of the social issues that greatly concern me, such as Roe v. Wade, civil liberties being eroded, school prayer, 10 Commandments, the 4th amendment, Patriot Act, etc. Her reply was enlightening. She said that "they" won't let "them" make the changes that I fear are coming. My question to her: "Just who in the hell do you think is going to stop them? They think they have a 'mandate', and are being pushed hard by the religious right. Democrats control no part of government; republicans control Congress, the White House, and will be packing the judiciary, including several seats on the Supreme Court. Seriously, who do you think is going to step in here?" She had no answer. In fact, she ended the conversation rather abruptly, although certainly not rudely. Buyer's remorse, ya think?

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