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Monday, November 01, 2004
It's a small thing, I know, especially considering all the big things that are going on in politics. But come on, read this about a journalist who was tackled, punched, and arrested after taking pictures of voters in line at a polling place, based on a rule that hadn't been previously announced. It was in Florida, of course. That's just great. I hate to get all hyperbolic on you and all, but I truly worry about this grand experiment of democracy if the election goes Bush's way tomorrow. Go vote. Oh, and Rehnquist did not show up for work today. What happens when the almost-inevitable litigation following the election goes to the S.C.? If he isn't well enough to participate, then they could be split 4-4, and then I believe it goes to the House. Wonder how the House would decide our elections for us? Let's hope for a big enough K/E margin to negate any chance of a court battle. Go vote. Lastly, Fox News has apparently come up with a "new" translation of the OBL tape, and what a shocker, Bin Laden wants Kerry to win! Stunning, I know. I can't remember where I saw that story, will try to find a link found it. But surely we can count on the accuracy of the news we hear from such a Fair and Balanced news organization. Right? Right?

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