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Thursday, December 02, 2004
Didn't mean to miss the rest of the fun, but my job was keeping me busy yesterday. I appreciate the good wishes from everyone (including our visitor John) for my ex-h-i-l, and the support from my friends and family with all the craziness of the last couple of days. I don't know if our visitors are still coming back, and I'm too lazy to look. If I see them in the logs, I'll respond in the comments below. If not, I won't bother, because you all who know me can probably guess most of what I'll say. But I'll be polite. After all, I am a southern woman. Also, a rotten cold and fever have taken over. I felt so awful last night that I didn't even feel like knitting, and I knit just about every night. I was just saying to someone the other day that it seemed like I might actually get through the fall without my yearly bout of bronchitis. I think I jinxed myself! I don't have bronchitis now, just a cold, but fall colds tend to move rapidly in that direction unless I can stop them early. So I'm actually going to spend today lounging, resting, and yes, you guessed it, knitting. I have a couple of projects that I'm working on for others to give as Christmas gifts, so I need to get them done. Someone's actually going to pay me to make a purse? Bizarro. Hey, maybe I'll knit for a living. Also, Blogger sucks, and my ex-h-i-l's surgery will be next Friday. And yes, if you're wondering, my life does have it's soap opera-like moments, although it's not nearly as bizarre to us as it seems to be for other people. I mean, who in the hell remains very close friends with their ex-husband and his partner? Me, that's who. Now when I invited my ex to our wedding, and then nearly had to uninvite my brother over it, that was kind of trippy. All's well that ends well, however. Have a great day.

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