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Sunday, December 05, 2004
Yesterday, it was my dear husband's turn to be sick. He slept nearly all day long. In the interests of letting him rest, and because I was feeling better, I took Lauren out for lunch and to an alpaca/llama farm in the next county. They were having a big sale on yarn and rovings by area fiber artists. It was so cool. A little granola, but still cool. Lauren had great fun seeing the animals, and I got some gorgeous handpainted yarn and an alpaca-fur stuffed animal for her (a monkey she named George, of course). That thing is so incredibly soft! I may head back out there again today, sans child, (maybe with LL? Call me, girl!) so that I can actually look around. She was a little bored when we were inside, except when the farm's owner showed her the spinning machine. It just fascinated the kiddo that you could take wool (or, as she said, alapacpa fur) and turn it into the yarn that she sees me using all the time. Plus she was allowed to help push the pedals for a few minutes, which thrilled her. Later yesterday, Mark was feeling a bit better, so I ran out by myself for a few minutes. I went to a wonderful little shop downtown (because I shop locally when I can), and ran across some fancy scarves similar to this. I'm telling you, that's about $10 worth of yarn and a couple of hours, and they were selling for anywhere between $40 and $80!!! I want to get that kind of gig.

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