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Monday, December 06, 2004
Well, my ex HIL's surgery got moved up, and actually took place this past Friday instead of this coming Friday. I was planning to go to the hospital, but it's probably best that I didn't take my germy self to a place with lots of sick people. Everything went swimmingly, I hear, and they're doing zillions of tests on the mass to determine the best treatment plan. I'm glad that part is done. In other news, Mark is feeling better, and now I'm feeling a bit worse. I think he gave it back to me, and after I gave it to him! The nerve. Re-gifting is usually fine with me, but not in this case. Blah. LL has the creeping crud too, but NOT MY FAULT, unless germs can be transmitted electronically. Haven't seen the girl in months. We must plan an outing soon. Everyone stay well, wash your hands often, drink lots of juice, get plenty of sleep, etc. etc. etc. Hey, what do you want? I'm a mom . . .

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