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Isn't that hilarious???

Friday, January 28, 2005
The outrage-o-meter has reached critical mass. Personally, rather than politically, oddly. I am a self-involved sort, don't you think? Hence the three blogs. Anyhoo, isn't it hilarious when you have this job that you like, most of the time, and suddenly due to political reasons you're basically demoted except you keep your salary and you're sent to work at home? And then, isn't it great when you're reassigned half-time to a location that's an hour away, and they don't really have enough work for you? And then, isn't it wonderful when you search for a new job, with little in the way of results? And you're consistently told that you were the second choice? And you are offered one job, which is a great job, but it's a $15,000 pay cut? And you just can't do it? But you regret not taking that, as it turns out. Particularly when you haven't heard back from state personnel about whether or not you qualify for a new job you know about? When they lose your paperwork that you've faxed in 3 times? And especially when, because you only have half-time to devote to a full time job, you get totally bitched out by your boss's boss because you're behind in your work? Isn't that funny? It's not? Oh, well.

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