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Monday, February 07, 2005
I've been kind of busy protesting in a quiet way this weekend. Did any of you see this nonsense? Bugmenot will work for that link, I think. Anyway, the short version is that PBS has a show out called Postcards from Buster. It's a cute show, where this animated rabbit named Buster travels the country and visits with kids and families, learning about different areas. It's interesting how they have the animated character interact with real footage. My kid loves the show. An episode was taped in Vermont with, among other things, a lesbian couple and their kids. Wingnuts are worried - we can't have a lesbian couple portrayed as normal, can we? Education Secretary Margaret Spellings asked PBS to pull the show, because (approximate quote) "many parents would not want their children exposed to these kinds of lifestyles". PBS says they pulled the show voluntarily, mere hours before they got the word from the administration, and the timing was a coincidence. My bullshit meter still works, and that's crap. So I politely e-mailed KET and asked if they intended to air the episode. A couple of e-mails went back and forth, resulting in the final exchange below, which I thought was nice of the head honcho.
From me: Thank you for the reply. I do hope that if the opportunity to air this episode does occur, KET will do so. Education Secretary Spellings said that many parents would not want their children exposed to these kinds of relationships. There are many parents, including here in Kentucky, who would. My husband and I find it offensive that this decision is being made for us, especially since our friends who are gay and lesbian are a large part of our daughter's life. Thank you for your time and consideration of this challenging issue. From head honcho dude at KET: You expressed a concern we have heard from many. And, your thoughtful opinion brings reason to the discussion rather than rants that only polarize. My thanks to you.
I will be keeping an eye on this, to see if KET eventually airs the episode. In truth, I haven't actually talked to the hub about this, but I know how he'd react. He would find it offensive, so I felt secure in saying that. I'm glad to hear they've heard the same concern from many. Honestly, as a parent it's my job to decide what my child sees, and I should have that choice. If other parents don't want their kids to see it, they shouldn't watch this episode. Also, there are lots of nice things here. I especially like this:

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