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Friday, February 04, 2005
Life is really strange sometimes. During my freshman year of college, December of 1987, a good friend of mine had a baby girl. She was born during my finals, and I was the labor coach. I had to miss a final, but fortunately had a good prof who let me take it the next day. My friend didn't really have anyone else, because her dad was a real jerk. The most he would do was provide her a place to live, with a little emotional abuse thrown in for free. The baby was being adopted by a local couple, and they were at the delivery too. It was an open adoption, and they planned to keep my friend involved in their daughter's life - at some distance, for everyone's well-being. Sharing pictures and the like, never hiding how she came to be a part of their family. They were planning it that way at the time, anyway. They were a very kind, supportive couple, who really made a horrible decision as easy as possible for my friend. She felt good about the baby's future with them. I saw them yesterday. I was working down at the university, and ran out to pick up some Indian food for lunch. They came in to the restaurant at the same time I did, and were seated at a table nearby. I kept glancing at them while I was waiting for my take-out, trying to figure out if I knew them. They just looked so familiar. The woman was looking at me, too. Either I looked familiar to her as well, or she thought I was a mad stalker. And I was trying to be discreet, so I think it's the former. Finally it came to me. They are the parents of that baby girl born so long ago. I didn't have the courage to speak to them, and that would not have been the most appropriate thing to do anyway. I mean, really, what could I have said? But ever since, I've been so curious. Their daughter would be 17 now. What does she look like? Would I know her if I saw her? What is she like? Does she have any of my friend's traits? Is she happy, healthy, and strong? I wish I could know.

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