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Thoughts on treason

Friday, February 18, 2005
Following Digby's post a few days ago, Fafblog! has a slightly different take on the concept of treason. It's absolutely hilarious, here's a sample:
Q: Oh no, I've accidentally committed treason! What do I do! A: Don't worry there is still time to make up for it! America's very forgiving an there's always another second chance to cheer up your country after you've gotten it down. Here's a few examples: ♦ Calling America an illegal occupier --> three God Bless Americas, two public denunciations of Ted Kennedy as an Islamist sympathizer ♦ Voting against tort reform --> four America the Beautifuls, three strident blog posts on Why We Must Win ♦ Selling nuclear technology to North Korea --> four National Anthems, one delicious chocolate ice cream cake especially for the President ♦ Leaking a CIA agent's identity to Robert Novak --> one fifteen minute segment plugging White House policy on the Sunday morning talk show of your choice ♦ Leaking a CIA agent's identity to Robert Novak to get back at her treasonous husband --> Totally not treason! Buy yourself a taco.

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