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The Birds

Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Because our house backs up to a treeline and a small lake, there is a lot of wildlife around. There are probably more, but we commonly see ducks, geese, rabbits, turtles, occasionally possums, and lots and lots of birds. Ah, yes. The birds. Here's the good part. Now that they seem to have returned from their southern excursion, in the mornings the birds really start to sing right around daybreak. It's a very pleasant way to wake up. We have a bird feeder on the side of our deck, just outside the kiddo's room, and she likes to watch the birds. We see finches and bluejays and cardinals, along with about 17 other kinds of birds I have no idea about. Whatever they are, they sure do go through a lot of seed. That's all right, I like having them around. For the most part, anyway. There's one bird outside that has been making the same rhythmic call every three seconds for at least the past hour, and it's driving me just a little bit nutso. More so than usual, even.

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