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Do you miss radio?

Thursday, March 10, 2005
This isn't a huge deal to me, because (and this part coming up is heresy to my husband) music isn't a critical part of my life. There are artists that I like, mostly on CD. I rarely change the station in the car from WUKY. Unless there's a pledge drive, that is. And I keep trying to catch my friend Anne's two shows on Friday night, but I keep missing them most of the time, unfortunately. But mostly, in the car, I'm either listening to NPR or my kid's story CDs, if she's with me. Honestly, it just doesn't occur to me to turn on the radio at home. That's heresy to the husband too - neither of the other two people who live in my house can stand silence. I like the quiet, most of the time. Of course, I listen to AAR some days while I'm working at home, but I truly enjoy the ever-too-brief and exceedingly rare interludes of total quiet. But if you are not like me, and like listening to the radio and actual music, and you hate what corporations like Clear Channel have done to radio, read Mark Morford for lots of options if you can stream. Maybe even something in your neighborhood (I'm looking at you, C.A.)

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