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Friday, March 18, 2005
In thinking more about the Terry Schiavo situation, I realize that although the love of my life (see that follow-through, dear?) and I have discussed our wishes, it's not in writing anywhere. I've seen that mentioned throughout the day, that there's no PROOF of her wishes, outside of the word of her husband. And here I thought husbands and wives were allowed to have undocumented conversations, silly me! So here you go, dear. Feel free to refer back to this if I'm ever incapacitated and without hope of recovery. No extreme measures. I don't want to ever exist like Terry Schiavo has for the past 15 years. If medical professionals advise that there is no hope, let me go. Can I get a witness????? (And dear, don't go upping the life insurance or anything. I'm sticking around to bug you for another 50 years or so.)

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