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Friday, April 29, 2005
The kiddo loves this book. And this sequel. The general concept, if you don't have kids, is a mother raccoon giving her baby a kiss on the palm that will stay with him all day. When he misses her or is scared, he can press his hand to his cheek to feel her kiss and know that "Mommy loves me, Mommy loves me". We just bought her the sequel, which deals with jealousy when a younger sibling also receives a kissing hand. Planning ahead, aren't we? Like I said, the kiddo just loves the books, and we almost always have kissing hands before one of us leaves. This morning, as Mark was taking L to school, she came in to give me a hug and to say goodbye to the baby. She talks to him frequently, but this morning was a little different. She kissed my belly, and then told me that she thought his hand was right there, so she gave him a kissing hand. Have you ever heard anything so sweet???

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