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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
That's what I get for working all day, I missed the fun blogwar between Amy Sullivan and Digby/Matt Yglesias/Atrios. And I love a good blogwar!!! It'll probably continue for a day or so, at least that will be amusing. I was just getting ready to post about my thoughts about this issue, when I saw an update at Digby, and damned if Sisyphus Shrugged didn't say exactly what I would have. Only much better. But since you've bothered to come here to Jill's Place, here's my short version. At my house, during the child's waking hours, the TV only shows Noggin, PBS, or movies that we've gotten for her (think Disney, Mary Poppins, etc.). And in fact, she's been watching too damned many movies lately - we need to trim that back. I'm hoping summer will help with that, as she'll spend more time outside. Hell, I hardly ever watch TV other than TLC and HGTV, so maybe I'm just missing the concept here and TV really is nothing but smut and crap. But here's the thing - the fricking TV has an off button, and if I were concerned about what she sees in terms of pop culture, I'd throw the damned TV out the window if necessary. I'm the parent; that's my job.

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