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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
The birdies finally flew the coop. So the kid and I went to the nursery yesterday after I picked her up from school, and got some pretty plants to put in the hanging baskets on the front porch. White alyssum, purple creeping petunias, and some spiky orange flower that's nice looking. We got home, she ran off to play at the neighbor's, Mark was mowing the grass, and I settled down on the front porch to plant all the pretty things. Uh-oh. The mama dove came back and laid another egg! What to do, what to do? I planted the flowers anyway, very carefully and with gloves on so that I didn't disturb the egg or get my scent on it. The one basket looks a little lopsided with all the plants on one side, but it doesn't seem to have disturbed the mama bird very much. She's sitting on her egg right now. The mama and papa bird seemed very confused when they came back to their little home and it was redecorated for them, but they settled in. I don't know how/if I'm going to be able to water the plants in that basket, but it's worth a shot, anyway. The kiddo was thrilled to have another egg to watch. I'm heading off this morning to meet the love of my life at the OB's office for an ultrasound. It's probably too early to determine the gender, unless we're really, really lucky. But I should end up with more pictures, anyway. Will post them later! Have a great day.

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