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Sunday, April 10, 2005
I went over to Wild Birds Unlimited after a wasted trip to Home Depot. I found exactly what I was looking for - a stainless steel birdseed storage tub with a secure lid. Take that, squirrels! I looked into squirrel-proof bird feeders, but the least expensive of the bunch was $60.00. I like the birds, but not that much!!! They did inform me that squirrels and blackbirds don't like safflower seeds, but they're great for cardinals, blue jays, finches, and various other songbirds. Of course, I bought some, and as soon as the birdseed we have is gone, I'll switch to that. Maybe it will encourage the squirrels to go somewhere else to look for food. A girl can dream, can't she? Oh, yeah, and the kiddo is currently fascinated by a pigeon, of all things, which has made a nest in one of the hanging baskets on our front porch just outside my office window. 2 eggs. The basket must be checked multiple times a day, from the inside of the house to avoid scaring the mother bird. We discovered the bird when we were looking for plants to put in the baskets. This plan is now on hold for the moment. The kiddo can't wait to see the hatchlings, and wants to see the eggs, and wonders if they'll always stay near our house. Her father and I are somewhat less thrilled by this turn of events, of course. I mentioned this to a friend the other day, and it was suggested that we . . . ahem . . . evict the bird family. I'm thinking that is not the lesson I want Lauren to learn from this. So we'll put up with it until the eggs hatch and fly the coop, so to speak. What's more important - animals, or plants? Easy call.

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