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Monday, April 25, 2005
How completely cool are these pictures? Found it on BoingBoing. Oh, yeah, while you're on BoingBoing, don't miss this post. We had a good weekend. The love of my life got me some goodies for my birthday, including decaf javanilla coffee and decaf chai, which I dearly love. And some delish candies from See's too! He picked up an ice cream cake on Saturday, which was yummy. It wasn't chocolate, which was fine with me. I like all kinds of ice cream. However, because of the kidney stuff, the kiddo can't have any carbonated drinks (no problem, we don't give her those anyway), citrus drinks (she's ok without OJ), caffeine (not a problem), or chocolate (RED ALERT). Oops. That's a problem. The child has a sweet tooth. She loves chocolate milk, chocolate candy, ho-hos, hot chocolate, chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup. No can do. Not that she gets chocolate candy everyday, but it's her favorite treat. So far, she's been cooperative, but she ain't happy about it. Sunday, we went to my folks' for family time, and had my fave - gingerbread cake with vanilla sauce. Sooooooo tasty. I hope you all had a great weekend! Edited for a stupid grammatical mistake, because I am that way.

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