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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
My back is killing me. I think it's a delayed reaction to sitting in the car for 2 days on the way home, or maybe I slept on it funny. Or maybe it's the start of sciatica, which is always a fun side effect of pregnancy. Can you believe I'm almost halfway through?!?!?!? Me neither. In any case, tylenol isn't helping, so that sucks. I'm going to try to get pictures up on Flickr today. Again, I can't tell you how much fun we had. We spent the first several days at a beachfront condo in Daytona Beach Shores. My folks were in another condo in the same building, so the kid had lots of fun with Grammy and Pops. Mostly, we ate. We also took her for a pony ride, to a marine science center, and spent lots of time on the beach and in the pool. She wanted desperately to go fishing off the pier one evening, so we did that too. I'd dish details, but laughing that hard would really be bad for my back. The latter part of the week was spent at Disney. We stayed at a resort on the property, and spent 2 days at Magic Kingdom. She was beyond thrilled. I picked up an autograph book for her, and she got many pictures with her favorite characters. The princesses were most impressive to her, natch. She also really liked Piglet, and Wendy from Peter Pan. Peter scared her, though. Don't know why. Wait, yes I do - she's 4, that's why. That's a good enough reason for most of her oddities. Oh, excuse me, she's four and a half. Can't forget that. Also, I wanted to make sure I didn't lose this, from Tequila Mockingbird. It sounds SOOOOOOO good. then we ate grilled avacados, which, if you've never had grilled avocados, you totally should because they'll rock your face right off. which is a good way to welcome summer...with your face rocked off and a grilled avocado in front of you. anyway, enjoy. you'll need: -4 ripe avocados -extra virgin olive oil -really good balsamic vinegar [a general note: if you invest in really good balsamic vinegar, your life will be a much better and happier place. really. really high quality balsamic vinegar is a transformative elixir that makes everything from strawberries to lettuce to chicken to, well, avocados, taste like ambrosia from on high.] -parmesan cheese [another general note: stop using that crap in the plastic jar. it's not parmesan cheese. it's crap. buy a hunk of quality cheese and a grater. it's not quite the elixir that quality balsamic is, but it's damn near close.] do this: - peel, pit and halve the avocados - brush them with a little extra-virgin olive oil and some of the balsamic vinegar - preheat the grill to medium heat - put the avacodos face down on a hot open grill for about a minute; turn and cook for another minute or so [although i like to cook them a little longer; until they get the dark grill marks on them and the balsamic starts to carmelize just a touch...mmmmm] - remove from the grill and shave parmesan over them while they're still warm i also like to saute or grill some red onion and some grape tomatoes to have with these. pour yourself a nice glass of pinot grigio or riesling (Jill says: I wish!!!), and it's instant summer.

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