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Friday, June 17, 2005
That went better than expected. I picked up the kid yesterday at school, and headed straight to shopping. If I'd taken her home, we never ever would have been able to leave without me physically dragging her into the car. I'm never a fan of that action. There was the obligatory screaming fit once I told her we were going shopping:
"I don't want to go shopping! And I'm NOT going shopping! I'm going to stay in the car! I don't want to go in!!!!" accompanied by tears and a whiny voice.
But she settled down fairly quickly. Never underestimate the power of the parental bribe. I promised her that we'd only go to two stores at the most. I hit Kohl's first, because I'd heard they have a decent maternity selection. Yeah, not so much. But there was a stuffed lion from that Madagascar movie that Lauren wanted, and asked for very politely. I bought one for her, and that kept her pretty entertained since I told her she could take it into the next store if she would be sure not to let him scare anyone. She had fun with that idea, and kept growling at the clerks and other customers in Motherhood. I found three or four dress options that I liked fairly well. L helped me pick them out, and was really into giving her opinion. Heh, at one point she said "That one is pretty, but it just doesn't look like you." I have to remind myself quite often that she is only 4 years old. She really liked a purple one, I really liked a teal one, and both were on sale, so I bought them both. What the hell, right? I think I'll wear the teal one, it is actually pretty flattering for a maternity dress. Since the only time I ever have cleavage is when I'm either pregnant or nursing, I should take advantage of that, right? I may need to knit a shawl or something pretty quickly, though . . . I'm not used to showing much skin even when I'm thin, and it's more low-cut than I'm accustomed to wearing. Then to Fazoli's for dinner. Have you tried their new whole wheat pasta option? Quite tasty. The kid ate more of mine than I did, I think, and we shared a salad. I am so lucky to have a kid that likes healthy food. She doesn't really like typical kid foods. She tolerates mac and cheese every once in a while. She wouldn't eat a hot dog if you paid her. She's not crazy about chicken nuggets or jello. She likes granola from Wild Oats and all sorts of fruit - kiwi is her current fave. And she loves lima beans and peas and corn and green beans and sugar snap peas. Funny kid. I wonder if this little boy in my belly will be a picky eater? I hope not! Of course, we've been fairly careful with L, trying to avoid food issues. We provide healthy foods, what we're having for dinner is what we're all having, because I'm not a short order cook. That's been the case since she started eating table food. I adore my brother and sis-in-law, but she still cooks the kids separate meals half the time, or brings different food for them to family get togethers. Our kid eats whatever we're all having, no discussion. Then my sis-in-law wonders why L eats what's on the table while her kids are so picky. Ummm, here, try a clue-by-four. We don't ever push L to clean her plate or that sort of thing, we give her fairly small portions and she is free to eat as much as she wants, or as we say "until her belly is happy". If we have dessert, it's usually fruit, and we don't typically have dessert. We don't avoid junk food entirely, because I believe doing that just gives it forbidden fruit status. Besides, sometimes we all want a sweet treat! But she knows that junk food is an occasional thing rather than a way of life. Speaking of occasional junk food treats, we headed off to Graeter's. Man, I do love Graeter's. I wish there was one here in this crappy little town. The only options here are Dairy Queen and Baskin Robbins, both on the other side of town, and it's kind of lucky there are that many options. Considering how much I love it, maybe we're lucky there's not one here!!! Anyhoo, I was very proud of the kid. Once she got over her fit and realized we were going shopping no matter what, she did really well. She's always surprising me like that.

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