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Thursday, June 16, 2005
You know, there are many times that I absolutely hate living in this crappy little town. Yesterday evening was one of them. See, we have a wedding this weekend, Mark's in it, and it occurred to me that I have literally nothing appropriate to wear to a wedding. I have work-type dresses, but nothing for an event like this. And these are good friends, so I want to look at least presentable. I feel like a fat cow anyway; is it too much to ask that I look halfway decent, at least? So I headed out after supper to try to find a maternity dress that isn't flat-out ugly. You wouldn't think that would be so hard, would you? Here are the shopping options in the previously mentioned crappy little town: JC Penney - no maternity clothing at all Elder-Beerman - a very tiny maternity section, with lounge/sleepwear, a few shirts, and a few pairs of pants. No dresses. Fashion Bug - actually a fairly decent selection, but all casual, one skirt option (which was white, so no go for a wedding), no dresses. Sears - no maternity clothing at all. I hate this town sometimes. OK, OK, most of the time. I'd go to Lexington to shop tonight, but Mark may have a sorta-kinda bachelor party for the groom, and that would have to be tonight, since tomorrow night is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner is another event, by the way, for which I have nothing to wear. These people just had to get married AFTER ALMOST 20 YEARS!!!! during the summer I'm knocked-up. And I say it's a sorta-kinda bachelor party, because the groom is a shy one, not inclined to strip clubs or drinking or that sort of thing. He wants to have a LAN party. Yes, I married into the geek culture, there can be no doubt. So in other words, no shopping for me today unless I take the kid with, and that doesn't sound like such a great idea. She has little patience for shopping even when it's for her. Seems like fireworks would ensue if I expected her to wait patiently while I tried on dresses, and that would suck. Maybe I could bribe her with a trip to Graeter's after or something. (Yes, I said bribe. So I won't win Mother of the Year this year. You do what you have to do . . .) What to do, what to do????

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