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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Job stuff. Well, I think I got myself on the registers for the open positions that Mr. R. told me about. I also e-mailed the contact person last week and requested that I be considered for both job classes. I believe that should get me at least looked at and/or interviewed, as opposed to being buried in a stack of applications. Of course, I'm still concerned about being pregnant and job-hunting. Here's the reason - if I'm the right person for the job, I could potentially be offered a position. That's all good, we'll see what happens and all that, etc. However - I would not have finished the standard 6 month probation by the time I go on maternity leave, and I would not be covered by FMLA. So I could potentially lose any new job during my maternity leave, and I'd have no protection from that risk. That's a HUGE concern. As far as my current job, I hadn't heard back from my boss about my work location as of July 1, so I e-mailed her this morning. Grrrrrr. Turns out there's a slight snag, as she so charmingly put it. The idea of moving me up there was quite popular with our Branch Manager. However, she has also made arrangements for 3 additional positions to be housed at the office in the meantime. If you count mine, that's 4 positions that will need a work space, computer, phone, etc. Here's the prob - there's only one vacant space available, which is currently a virtual office for trainers who come in from out of town, so they can check their e-mail, do a little work, etc. So go figure that one out. It could be like a Guinness World Record attempt! How many people can we cram into one cube??? Now my boss wants me to meet with her and another manager on Monday the 27th to try to make a plan, and hopes that she'll have additional information about my future work location by that time. Heh and heh. I laugh at this concept.

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