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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
This disturbed me. I mean, really - setting aside the issue of a probably-politically-connected 27 year old kid making 117 grand. Gulp - at least, I'll try my best to set that aside. No matter what kind of stupid, wrongheaded opinions he has, I'm just not clear on why this is a story at all. He had a political blog while a law student. He doesn't seem to have it any more, he's not blogging during work or using state equipment or that sort of thing. Even strong partisans of any political stripe can put aside their opinions in order to do their job, one would hope. I mean, yeah, I personally think he's an idiot for some of his opinions, but that's the beauty. He's allowed to have and share his opinions, as am I. And you. And everyone. Any person in this country should be able to share their opinion about politics or social issues or whatever. Anyone else is free to think they're an idiot, and share their views. No one is guaranteed an audience, but we are supposed to be able to speak freely as long as it's not the classic example of shouting "Fire" in a theater, or inciting violence or that sort of thing. Since there's no indication in the story that his political opinions have impacted his ability to do his job, are we looking at thoughtcrimes here? Someone explain to me why this is a story . . .

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