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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
I miss Republicans. Here's one. Here's another. Remember what republicans used to be like? Maybe a little dull but serious, and apparently motivated by what they thought was right for the country. There so few honest people nowadays who (although woefully misguided), are at least sane and don't respond to policy disagreements with threats and lies. The "Republican" party these days is more Theocrat than Theodore Roosevelt. Ahh, if only the big-name Democrats had a spine or the fortitude to stand up for what's right. I'm under no misapprehension that Democrats are all wonderful, some of them are frankly nuts too, and too many are enthralled by even their limited power. But they're far better than most anyone I can think of in the Republican party. I wonder what sort of mental gymnastics it takes to call yourself a Republican these days? I mean, you have to ignore so very much in order to "keep the faith". I won't be watching their leader on the television tonight. It actually makes me feel physically ill to see or hear that idiot, and if I was merely in the mood to be lied to, well, I'd just go to my office.

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