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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
With work stuff, no less! Lots of projects to finish up this week, and much work to be done before July 1. That's when I'll probably be moving back into a real office with my co-workers. I'm less than excited, shall we say, but I'm sure it'll work out. At least I won't have to commute so much for no apparent reason. There will be less daytime blogging from me in the future, sad to say. I'll try to keep up. Oh, and tell me this conversation doesn't break your heart. The kid has had a thing about death lately - it's just this age. The concept is still really beyond her grasp, but she's trying her best to understand it. That means we get tons of questions about death, and some tears at times. When we got back from vacation, one of her crabs had committed hermit crab hari-kari. It was out of its shell, and dead. We had gone through this before when the crab molted - I thought it was dead because there were relatively large bits and pieces of crab all over the place, and the shell looked empty. WTF do I know about hermit crabs? She was upset then, and then a short time later we found out the crab was still alive, yippee! Then after vacation, not so much. The kid seemed to take it pretty well this time. Yesterday, after I picked her up from school, she was talking about whether you can breathe after you die, and was very upset to learn that you don't. She was teary, and saying "but I want to breathe after I die!!!" Then she brings up the crab. "Mommy, do you know how my heart felt when Rosie died? My heart was broken in two pieces; one went to the left and one went to the right. My heart really, really hurts." Waaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!

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