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Friday, June 10, 2005
I have a new addiction. See, I'm trying very hard not to gain as much weight this time as I did during my first pregnancy. I gained A LOT of weight that time, partially due to my blood pressure, and partially because all the little remora craved was chocolate and sweet stuff. This little guy seems to like veggie subs, fruit, and salad. It's a good thing™. Praise Martha. I've also been trying to eat more yogurt, because it's a fairly healthy snack, adds to my calcium intake, etc. Mark picked up some yogurt at the grocery for me to try, and I'm now officially addicted to it. It's Yoplait Whips, and it seems to come in Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate Cherry flavors, along with Peach and Key Lime and Strawberry, etc. My favorite chocolate candy combo, by the way, is chocolate and raspberry. Oh.My.God. It is so good. Now, instead of trying to eat more yogurt, I'm trying to limit myself! Go figure that one out. My demo this morning went well. Only one of the two people was able to attend, and she seems to be leaning toward my preferred one anyway. I swear I didn't pitch that one more, it just seems to be a better fit for our group. I'm a genius, you see. She was also stunned by the concept of open source software, and kept asking me, "Are you sure there's no cost for all this????" Now I've got an hour to finish up two other projects. I'm almost done with them; it shouldn't be a problem. Once I finish this yogurt.

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