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Love that child

Monday, June 27, 2005
Is it any wonder I love her so? I just loved these pictures. They truly capture her style and personality - when she's in a good mood, that is! She is happy most of the time, and what a smile! Mark took these with his phone on Saturday morning, before I took L to my parents' house. She went with them to the lake, and spent the night down there. She made lots of new friends while fishing, swimming, playing on the playground, and riding around in the golf cart. If there is another child in the condo complex, she will find them and introduce herself, guaranteed. We went down Sunday morning, and we all had a blast - swimming in the pool and the lake, boat rides, lots of food. Ahh, I love summer, and I love the lake. It was capped off last night by catching fireflies at dusk - she and Mark did that, while Mom, Dad, and I sat on the deck and enjoyed watching them. She was so thrilled by the lightning bugs. It's the first time she's ever seen them at night, and she was fascinated. My child is now quite the fisherwoman, too (not fisherman, she tells me, fisherwoman! The little feminist . . .). Last weekend, she caught 4 fish all by herself - and that was her first time ever fishing. Saturday evening with my folks, she caught 8 by herself, including a fairly good sized bass. On Sunday, she caught 9. NINE!!!! Quite the fisherwoman, there! Now she wants to live at the lake, she has so much fun there. According to her, we're invited, so that's good.

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