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News flash: Doctors NOT omniscient

Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Yes, I know it's shocking, but it's true. Doctors do not know everything. First bit of evidence - my dad followed up with his regular doctor yesterday, they ran a bunch more tests, including a 3rd EKG and more bloodwork. Found nothing, nada, zip. No apparent reason for his attack, but at least he hasn't had any further problems and seems fine. I guess we'll never know. Second bit of evidence - vets also do not know everything. They did a bunch of tests on Jet yesterday: her heart sounded fine, abdomen was fine, bloodwork showed no problems with her kidneys, liver, pancreas, sugar levels, etc. She seemed to be fighting a bit of dehydration, but no cause was found for the dehydration to have occurred in the first place. The only test result pending is the one for possible hyperthyroidism. I'll update when I hear back from the vet today, but I have my own prediction: they'll find nothing, nada, zip. If only I were omniscient, then I'd know what was up. In other, unrelated news, how cool is this? Now that's a handy little gadget. For those of you trying desperately to decide whether it's worth it to click through, here's a taste:
If you don't want to spend $300 for an iPod and FM transmitter, now you can get MP3 audio in your car for just $30 with the VR3. With a good capacity keychain flash drive (a 500MB stick costs just $45), you can load up lots of great audio for your car (500 MB = 8 hours of audio files, or 16 half-hour programs). Already own a flash drive? You are more than halfway there.
UPDATE: Yep, vets still not omniscient. Nothing, nada, zip. As she said, "Jet's hundred thousand mile check up went great, and she's very healthy, especially for a 13 year old kitty." Toldja.

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