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Friday, June 10, 2005
I'm trying to wrap up a couple of big projects with COB today deadlines. And I've got a demo at 10:00. I hate doing demos by myself. It's so much better with two people, because we can usually pick up any slack or fill in any blanks. This is just me showing off two products, and hopefully I'll get a decision soon on which one, if either, they want to go with. And frankly, I've gotten to know "just enough" of each one, because there's not much point in becoming an expert in both. I need to know enough to do an effective demo of each one. But if there are any substantive questions (which I truly doubt, with this audience today), then I am completely SOL. The two products are highly similar, so that's been challenging - I get their functionality and interfaces confused at times. See, if this were a two-person demo, each of us could have become an expert in one program. But noooooooo. Wish me luck!

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