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Still ACK!

Thursday, July 28, 2005
OMG, so much left to do today. ACK!

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Monday, July 25, 2005
Soooooo busy. I have so much to do before COB on Thursday. I have to sort through boxes of crap to find stuff that needs to go back to my current employer. I'm trying to make a list, too. I know the cell phone and the laptop, some software, a few books, maybe some files. I've also got to make step-by-step instructions for how to manage some of my tasks, since no one else knows, and they don't know yet who will be taking over these things so I can't just meet with an individual or a few people to show them. That'll make it more challenging for them to be successful, don't you think? Plus, I won't be working tomorrow because L goes back to UK for a follow-up on her kidneys, and I have an OB appointment in the pm. That just leaves Wednesday and Thursday. Ack! ACK!!!!!!!

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Saturday, July 23, 2005
Blogback now has an RSS feed for comments. So if you're interested, here's the link. I'll also add a link at the bottom left, with the feed for the blog posts. Service with a smile!

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And what have YOU done this morning?

I've been out and about. I woke up early, and headed out. Everyone at my house is still asleep. I've been to Starbucks for my weekly treat of a chai latte, and to the Farmer's Market. I love the Farmer's Market. The smells, the nice people, all the wonderful veggies and various treats. What all did I buy?Sounds yummy, no?

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That was a pleasant day

Friday, July 22, 2005
Well, that was fun. You would have LOVED our afternoon. Child seems to be on the mend now. There have been no, ummm, how should I put this . . . incidents, for about the past hour and a half. First time she's been able to keep liquids down all day. Once she finally decided that gatorade was tolerable, that is. Poor thing. I'd rather be sick a hundred times than have her sick for a minute. But I suppose it's good that Mark came home to help with her, because if I take this bug, I'm hosed. I can't take anything for it, because of Sam.

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L's school called - she got sick just before lunch. Some stomach bug is making the rounds, apparently. I ran over and picked her up, and now we're sitting on the couch vegging. Well, I'm going to try to do some work on my laptop, in between cleaning up after her. There she goes. Gotta run.

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A general update

So, I found the same fish bedding for Sam's room again on Ebay, even cheaper, so BONUS. I contacted the seller to ask if they actually have the bedding in stock/on their shelves/in their hands. They did, I bought it, and it's now been shipped. Yahooooooooo! Oh, and an update on my resignation. I was really nervous about giving such short notice (just over a week) to my current employer, but they've taken it really well. It doesn't help that my direct boss is on vacation until the 1st. I finally was able to reach her yesterday, so she's in the loop. I didn't want her to get back from vacation and have me already be gone! But I do feel bad about interrupting her vacation with what I hope she considers bad news. Oh well. Two tears in a bucket. But I'll tell you, saying goodbye to some of my co-workers has been tough, especially ones that I was close to, or that have been around as long as I have. I mean, I've worked there for 7 1/2 years this time, plus 5 or so years in college and grad school, so I've made some good friends. Huh, since I was 18, really, except for a few years in there. One girl called me in tears yesterday - I had hired her, back when I was supervising a team, and had supported her personally in some ways. All she could do on the phone was cry, just about. Not a fun convo. Many, many others have e-mailed me saying such nice things. Why, I won't be able to fit my big ol' head through doorways if this keeps up.

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You need to read this

Thursday, July 21, 2005
Billmon. Here's a small sample:
This is probably a good time to remind people what Section 215 gives the government the power to do: * Order any person or entity to turn over "any tangible things," so long as the FBI specifies that the order is part of an authorized terrorism or intelligence investigation. * Obtain personal data, including medical records, without any specific facts connecting those records to a foreign terrorist. * Prohibit doctors and insurance companies from disclosing to their patients that their medical records have been seized by the government. * Obtain library and book store records, including lists of books checked out, without any specific facts connecting the records to a foreign agent or terrorist. * Obtain private financial records without a court order, and without notification to the person involved. * Conduct intelligence investigations of both United States citizens and permanent residents without probable cause, or even reasonable grounds to believe that they are engaged in criminal activity or are agents of a foreign power.
Seriously, go read the whole thing. What's that curse? May you live in interesting times. Yep, these are interesting times, all right.

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Our governor is the 48th most popular governor out there. Way to go!!!

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Yeah, but . . .

I know I've had several "I want" posts lately. But this might seriously be something I would buy. Just think of the conversations with strangers I could avoid! Or would it cause more conversations with strangers, because they'd be amused by my shirt? Could be a Catch-22. Ha ha ha - and check out the techie baby gear.

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Mark Fiore rocks my socks off

Go see why.

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Oh, the child would love this. She loves bugs. And I like that you can catch flies and spiders and such and then release them outside the house. I don't mind bugs, I just don't want them in my house! EDIT: And then, a very short while later, the ball and chain e-mailed me to say he was going to buy this for his girls. For L because she is fascinated by bugs, and for me because I don't like bugs in the house! Great minds think alike.

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Is it evil that I thought this was funny?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005
When L and I got home from her school, I was pretty nervous that she'd notice that, you know, this is a completely different crab. And she did. But she thinks that Sunflower grew, and that her shell changed color. I did not plant these ideas, they were hers. But I didn't disabuse her of the notions. I have fooled a 4 year old. And I'm not sorry. Not one bit.

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Busy day

I just quit my job. I start my new one on the 29th. I owe it all to Mr. R. Now when I'm working with you on a daily basis, I suppose I'll have to get over it and call you by your first name. That'll be too weird.

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Ask and ye shall receive

Huh. Blog mojo works. Quick, give me your favorite numbers in comments, it's time to play the lottery. Not ten minutes after I posted asking for something good to happen, I got a phone call. Very good things happening, details later.

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Dammit #2

Can something good happen now? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top??? We went up to Petsmart in Lex last night to get another hermit crab for L. Our last two croaked suddenly. We got the last one they had, it was fine, she named it Sunflower, we got home, put it in the cage, fresh food and water, etc. It's dead. Hasn't moved at all in several hours. WTF???? I'm going over to the pet store here after lunch, hoping that I can find another one and she won't notice. She was pretty upset when the last one died a few days ago, and I'd like to avoid that again. Bad mother, trying to fool my child like that, but I gotta try. Please, pretty please, something good now??????

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Damn. Toldja.

The e-mail I just got:
We were notified by the manufacturer that the item you ordered is out of stock and will be for at least 45 days. I know you asked about this when you ordered but our last inventory update from them did not show it out of stock. We have cancelled and refunded your order.
Sigh. Back to Ebay. I could just sit here and cry.

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95 bottles of beer on the wall . . .

Sorry, but that's the song that keeps going through my head every time I see this: Samuel Ryan (Sam)
Lilypie Baby PicLilypie Baby Ticker And it's not even that long, really, since my doc will be inducing me presumably early. So we're talking about probably less than 3 months, probably 11 or 12 weeks max, until Sam is here. I have so much to do. Come to think of it, I'd like to have a real beer again. Or a glass of wine. Maybe time will go even faster than it already is?

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Let's get your opinion . . .

Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Not that naming this child is a democratic process, I don't want to mislead you. I'm just curious about your thoughts. Mark likes one, I like the other. What do you think?
What's his name?
I like the name:

Samuel Ryan (to be called Sam; never, ever Samuel by us)
Sam Ryan (and who needs a fancier name, anyway?)
Ewww, neither one, pick something else!! (BTW, not gonna happen, but feel free to select this answer anyway.)

View Results
Oh, and you know what? It seems that the bedding I ordered is in stock, and it should ship out tomorrow. I got an e-mail last night. Good thing no one took my bet!!!

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Go read

Monday, July 18, 2005
Interesting and honest post. Bob Harris flew back from London after the bombings:
After several hours of growing paranoia, I finally got on the plane and found my seat flanked by several Pakistani Muslim men, by whom I would be surrounded at 37,000 feet, right next to the easy-pull exit-row door, for the next half a day or so. Interesting moment. You know how conscious I am of how important it is to fight against prejudice. Nonetheless... there was a funny little twitch in my spine right then. Not blaming myself. All of our optic nerves have been whacked by a constant stream of visuals of swarthy evildoers for almost four years now, so despite the clear knowledge that there are about 160,000,000 Pakistanis who would more likely bottle-feed a baby pudu than go all Richard Reed on us (in fact, I was probably much safer right that very moment than I will be walking around my own neighborhood tonight)... still, a moment of twitch.
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Why I love The Vine

Here's why:
I mean, it's not that you can't express an interest in how everything baby is going, but whatever conversation it is you're having about said baby, she's already had like twenty times just today, and she's over it. And yeah, you're just curious, and being friendly, and she knows that, but...so were the other twenty people, and once the pregnancy becomes visible, people will just assume that the topic is open and start right in on epidurals this and jogging strollers that, and she's like, I haven't had ankles since the TV season ended and now I have to pretend to care what you think of cloth diapers?
And clearly, I don't mean you all here. But just this weekend, I ran over to Home Depot to pick up some paint and was stopped twice by people who wanted to talk to me about pregnancy and kids. I really don't like talking to total strangers that much, but when they see that I'm pregnant, they feel free to just start oversharing. It does get annoying . . .

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Seriously, does this have to be SOOOOO difficult?

Child ain't gonna have crib bedding, I swear it. I have been searching high and low for crib bedding for the little guy. Have I told you all his name yet? Do you want to know? Of course, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind:
  1. I'm picky
  2. I'm cheap frugal
I am extremely picky, I'll admit that. I don't like babyish looking stuff, and if it's cutesy it makes my morning sickness make a return appearance. You'd be amazed how sickeningly, cloyingly sweet most infant bedding is in the stores. Also, it's ridiculously overpriced - a major ripoff of hormonal women, with a side of guilt-inducing advertising pressure. For some reason, it seems that the simpler the design, the more expensive it is. I've seen sets priced up to $900.00!!! You'd have to be on crack to even consider that sort of thing. I suppose someone must buy at that price, or they'd stop making it. But lots of nicer bedding is around $250 - $300. No, no, no. I found one set I liked in a store, and it was sort of mid-range in price. But even that was around $180. Mark freaked at the cost. Nope, ain't gonna happen. As the ball and chain pointed out, the baby's sure not going to care, and there are better ways to spend money. But he's got to have something in his crib, and I've got to get a move on it so that the room can be painted and all that jazz. Running out of time! To Ebay. There are some evil people in the world. I barely got beat out of this set, which I dearly, dearly loved. Someone beat me with a few seconds to go . . . I found a couple of other sets using that same fabric, but again, close to $200.00. Nope. That particular fabric appears to be very hard to find, perhaps discontinued. I even started searching for the fabric itself, thinking I could make the bedding like I made L's. Yeah, that cheap frugal and picky thing was in effect then too. I saw one auction with almost 2 yards of that fabric, and the bids were over $100.00. Yeah, I don't think so. So I found this set offered several times by the same seller - I bid on it a couple of times. I liked it, but I worried it might be too dark. Didn't matter, because it always ended up going for way more than I was willing to spend. I tried to buy this set, and actually won the auction. And then it was out of stock with no information about when it might be available again. Auction cancelled. Gahhhhh! Do you see my frustration here? Finally, I decided to look outside of Ebay, and found that same fish set in a Yahoo store. I've put in an order, now I'm waiting to hear from her that it's out of stock. Would anyone like to place a small wager on that? I'm betting it's not available through her either, and that I'll hear that today. Anyone? I need the money for baby bedding . . . Place your bets in comments. And then it'll be back to Ebay, I guess. I'm going insane with this, and Mark doesn't care in the least, so it's all up to me. It really shouldn't be this hard.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005
It's another I WANT post. But how freakish is this? I love technology, and I understand how this is even possible about like I understand the nitty-gritty of how a fax machine works. Which is to say, not much. Dear husband sent me this link, by the way.
Parents will no longer miss their news programs or movies if their children insist on watching cartoons. A new television will allow two different programs to air at the same time depending where one sits. Japanese electronics firm Sharp Corp on Thursday unveiled the liquid crystal display (LCD) set that can simultaneously display different images into the right and left sides of the screen through a backlight. Viewers will get an uninterrupted view no matter where they sit, but what they see will change depending on the angle, the company said in a statement.
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I want

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
How totally flipping cool does this look????? (via BoingBoing) It glows red, blue, or pink depending on the water temp. I so want, but alas, ain't gonna happen. Maybe if we hit the lottery . . . If we played the lottery, that is. Oh well.

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New baby pics

Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Pics are here. This is my fave: Click to make it a tad larger by seeing it at Flickr.

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Well, that was fun

And it's over. Geezopete, I hate interviewing! They were very nice, don't really have a great sense of how it went. I know I gave the obligatory one truly stupid answer, but we'll just have to see. They are trying to move fast, so hopefully I'll hear something one way or the other fairly soon. It was kind of funny, though. I had been told 8:00, so I was there at 7:50. Turns out my interview was at 9:00, so I had an hour to kill. More prep time, and unfortunately, that gave me some time to get nervous. I wasn't too terribly nervous, though. It'll either be the right fit or it won't. That's not up to me. Now I'm going to work for a bit, then off to the doctor. Tomorrow, I'll do thank you notes to the 5 people. Or maybe e-mails tonight. I'm thinking on that. Have a great day, hopefully pictures of the little guy later on.

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So, how was your weekend?

Monday, July 11, 2005
Ours was great. L was picked up by my parents on Thursday morning, and taken to the lake. Mark and I headed down on Friday after work. We spent the night Friday night, and then couldn't think of a great reason to come home so we stayed Saturday night as well. When we left last night after supper, the kid still didn't want to leave. She loves it that much. My cousin Jules was in town with her husband and two kids, so they had lots of fun. Saturday, my other cousin Tracy brought her daughters down too. Sunday, my bro and sis-in-law came down with their two, so it was quite busy, lots of children running about. It occurred to me at some point over the weekend, as I listened to L saying hello to various people. She knows more people down there than we do. Mom and Dad said that she's become quite the fixture, and everyone just loves her. Mostly, she knows the people with dogs, but also all the people with grandchildren or children. She's met virtually everyone who has a condo there, and there are 50-odd units. And SCORE. My cousin Tracy offered me a bunch of maternity clothes that she has no more need for, so I think I'm set for interview outfits for tomorrow. I'm just finishing up washing all that stuff, and now I just need to find my iron. I never ever iron voluntarily, and I don't think I've actually seen the iron since we moved here, so I'll have to hunt it. Fortunately, between working, laundry, ironing, and L coming home from school shortly, this leaves me no time to get nervous about interviewing in the morning. Funny thing, though - turns out I know three of the five interviewers. One used to head up EEO at my Cabinet, and I worked on several projects with her and for her. One is Mr. R.'s wife, who is just lovely. And another was one of my high school teachers. I think that one of the men is a branch manager, and I have no idea who the other one is. But I know all the women in some way. It'll be a reunion. So that's funny. Oh, and mojo still needed and appreciated.

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Quick, send mucho mojo

Friday, July 08, 2005
I have an interview scheduled for Tuesday morning, the 12th, at 8:00 am, over at Mr. R's joint . . . Mr. R. - where can I park? Also, our big ultrasound is that afternoon, and we're taking L so she can see the baby. I'm sure everything is fine with him, based on how much he kicks the crap out of me. But still, good wishes can't hurt! So for both these reasons, I need mojo in a big way on Tuesday. Mark your calendars!!! By the way, I have little in the way of maternity interview attire, but I shall do my best with what I have.

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Ohno, ohno, ohno. Not again.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

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Oh, yeah

Go look at this picture. Bookmark the site or add it to your Bloglines, because the photos are consistently lovely, and there's a new image every day.

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That kid . . .

She is so funny. This morning, one of our cats was meowing at her intensely. I suppose he was feeling chatty. She started meowing back at him, and they had a little conversation. I laughed, and said "Hmmmm, I wonder what you just said to him in cat language?" She looked at me like I'm a complete and total fool, and said "Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah." She cracks me up.

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Too funny

Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Hilarious, from BoingBoing.
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Thoughts on childbirth

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Not the nitty gritty part. I'm hoping to be well drugged for that. ;-) But after. See, when L was born, it was so very quick, much quicker than anyone anticipated. I was induced thanks to wacky blood pressure, and bedrest wasn't helping. My folks and Mark's mom were in the waiting room at the hospital, just settling in for a long day, and boom, she was born already. Shortly after that, they were all in the room with us. Mark and I had time with L first, of course, but then we all were in there for half an hour or so. Then they took L off to the nursery for a few hours; I didn't particularly like that, but it's hospital policy. This time is a bit different. We already have L, you see, and she is beyond excited about becoming a big sister. Her feelings matter more to me than anyone else's in the world. (Sorry, dear, but it's true. You're a grown up, on paper anyway.) I already know that I'll be induced again, since I had such a quick labor last time. That's actually good - we can truly plan for it, and it won't be a nightmarish-middle-of-the-night-who-is-taking-care-of-L ordeal. So I anticipate that L will probably be at my parents' house there in Lex, ready to come over to the hospital as soon as he's born. Or maybe they'll be at the hospital waiting. If it's the same as last time, I'll have checked into the hospital the night before. I don't know about Mark's mom's plans for that day, it hasn't come up yet. I suppose she'll either be waiting at the hospital, or at her home here waiting for the call to come once he's born. It's kind of tricky to keep everything even on both sides, to avoid hurt feelings. Not a prob last time, as they all came in together. I *think* that my mom held Lauren first, then Mark's mom, then my dad. But I was drugged up, so what do I know? Here's the thing, this time. It's important to me that L be the first one to meet him, outside of us, of course. She certainly won't be in the room while I'm delivering. That would be too traumatic for a child, in my personal opinion. No, that's just for Mark, me, and medical staff. But before any grandparent even comes in the room after he's born, I want L to be there first. I want to have time with just the four of us. (You have no idea how weird that looks once I typed it. I'm so used to "the three of us".) And I want her to hold him, for as long as she wants to, if she wants to. Once she is absolutely ready to let him go, only then can grandparents get their paws on him. Or maybe they'll have to wait until he can leave the nursery; what's a few hours anyway? I don't know exactly how to work the details, so I'm going to leave that up to my dear husband to manage. I shall be somewhat otherwise occupied. As he always says, he has the easy part of this whole thing, so he can manage the politics of grandparents. But no matter what, it seems that I'm going to piss off a couple of grandmothers. C'est la vie!!!!

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More cool stuff

Friday, July 01, 2005
My-Cast (via Cool Tools)
It offers real time Doppler radar images - unlike most weather sites (weather.com, WSI, accu-weather) that often delay the images by more than 20 minutes. In addition, each radar image can be "center" on your location. For example, instead of seeing the radar image's center at the radar site, my-cast.com allows the user to center on your home, your vacation home - making it simpler to gauge the location and speed of approaching storms. They will even send you an e-mail alerting you of tornado, hurricane, and thunderstorm warnings. All of this is free.
and Etsy. LL posted about this a while back - it's a great site for buying or selling handmade items. Be sure to check out her store. Maybe I'll open a store and sell some of the knit scarves I have hanging in my closet, and a purse or two . . .

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