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Monday, July 25, 2005
Soooooo busy. I have so much to do before COB on Thursday. I have to sort through boxes of crap to find stuff that needs to go back to my current employer. I'm trying to make a list, too. I know the cell phone and the laptop, some software, a few books, maybe some files. I've also got to make step-by-step instructions for how to manage some of my tasks, since no one else knows, and they don't know yet who will be taking over these things so I can't just meet with an individual or a few people to show them. That'll make it more challenging for them to be successful, don't you think? Plus, I won't be working tomorrow because L goes back to UK for a follow-up on her kidneys, and I have an OB appointment in the pm. That just leaves Wednesday and Thursday. Ack! ACK!!!!!!!

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