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Friday, July 22, 2005
So, I found the same fish bedding for Sam's room again on Ebay, even cheaper, so BONUS. I contacted the seller to ask if they actually have the bedding in stock/on their shelves/in their hands. They did, I bought it, and it's now been shipped. Yahooooooooo! Oh, and an update on my resignation. I was really nervous about giving such short notice (just over a week) to my current employer, but they've taken it really well. It doesn't help that my direct boss is on vacation until the 1st. I finally was able to reach her yesterday, so she's in the loop. I didn't want her to get back from vacation and have me already be gone! But I do feel bad about interrupting her vacation with what I hope she considers bad news. Oh well. Two tears in a bucket. But I'll tell you, saying goodbye to some of my co-workers has been tough, especially ones that I was close to, or that have been around as long as I have. I mean, I've worked there for 7 1/2 years this time, plus 5 or so years in college and grad school, so I've made some good friends. Huh, since I was 18, really, except for a few years in there. One girl called me in tears yesterday - I had hired her, back when I was supervising a team, and had supported her personally in some ways. All she could do on the phone was cry, just about. Not a fun convo. Many, many others have e-mailed me saying such nice things. Why, I won't be able to fit my big ol' head through doorways if this keeps up.

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