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Monday, July 18, 2005
Interesting and honest post. Bob Harris flew back from London after the bombings:
After several hours of growing paranoia, I finally got on the plane and found my seat flanked by several Pakistani Muslim men, by whom I would be surrounded at 37,000 feet, right next to the easy-pull exit-row door, for the next half a day or so. Interesting moment. You know how conscious I am of how important it is to fight against prejudice. Nonetheless... there was a funny little twitch in my spine right then. Not blaming myself. All of our optic nerves have been whacked by a constant stream of visuals of swarthy evildoers for almost four years now, so despite the clear knowledge that there are about 160,000,000 Pakistanis who would more likely bottle-feed a baby pudu than go all Richard Reed on us (in fact, I was probably much safer right that very moment than I will be walking around my own neighborhood tonight)... still, a moment of twitch.
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