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Friday, July 01, 2005
My-Cast (via Cool Tools)
It offers real time Doppler radar images - unlike most weather sites (weather.com, WSI, accu-weather) that often delay the images by more than 20 minutes. In addition, each radar image can be "center" on your location. For example, instead of seeing the radar image's center at the radar site, my-cast.com allows the user to center on your home, your vacation home - making it simpler to gauge the location and speed of approaching storms. They will even send you an e-mail alerting you of tornado, hurricane, and thunderstorm warnings. All of this is free.
and Etsy. LL posted about this a while back - it's a great site for buying or selling handmade items. Be sure to check out her store. Maybe I'll open a store and sell some of the knit scarves I have hanging in my closet, and a purse or two . . .

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