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Monday, July 18, 2005
Child ain't gonna have crib bedding, I swear it. I have been searching high and low for crib bedding for the little guy. Have I told you all his name yet? Do you want to know? Of course, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind:
  1. I'm picky
  2. I'm cheap frugal
I am extremely picky, I'll admit that. I don't like babyish looking stuff, and if it's cutesy it makes my morning sickness make a return appearance. You'd be amazed how sickeningly, cloyingly sweet most infant bedding is in the stores. Also, it's ridiculously overpriced - a major ripoff of hormonal women, with a side of guilt-inducing advertising pressure. For some reason, it seems that the simpler the design, the more expensive it is. I've seen sets priced up to $900.00!!! You'd have to be on crack to even consider that sort of thing. I suppose someone must buy at that price, or they'd stop making it. But lots of nicer bedding is around $250 - $300. No, no, no. I found one set I liked in a store, and it was sort of mid-range in price. But even that was around $180. Mark freaked at the cost. Nope, ain't gonna happen. As the ball and chain pointed out, the baby's sure not going to care, and there are better ways to spend money. But he's got to have something in his crib, and I've got to get a move on it so that the room can be painted and all that jazz. Running out of time! To Ebay. There are some evil people in the world. I barely got beat out of this set, which I dearly, dearly loved. Someone beat me with a few seconds to go . . . I found a couple of other sets using that same fabric, but again, close to $200.00. Nope. That particular fabric appears to be very hard to find, perhaps discontinued. I even started searching for the fabric itself, thinking I could make the bedding like I made L's. Yeah, that cheap frugal and picky thing was in effect then too. I saw one auction with almost 2 yards of that fabric, and the bids were over $100.00. Yeah, I don't think so. So I found this set offered several times by the same seller - I bid on it a couple of times. I liked it, but I worried it might be too dark. Didn't matter, because it always ended up going for way more than I was willing to spend. I tried to buy this set, and actually won the auction. And then it was out of stock with no information about when it might be available again. Auction cancelled. Gahhhhh! Do you see my frustration here? Finally, I decided to look outside of Ebay, and found that same fish set in a Yahoo store. I've put in an order, now I'm waiting to hear from her that it's out of stock. Would anyone like to place a small wager on that? I'm betting it's not available through her either, and that I'll hear that today. Anyone? I need the money for baby bedding . . . Place your bets in comments. And then it'll be back to Ebay, I guess. I'm going insane with this, and Mark doesn't care in the least, so it's all up to me. It really shouldn't be this hard.

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