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Monday, July 11, 2005
Ours was great. L was picked up by my parents on Thursday morning, and taken to the lake. Mark and I headed down on Friday after work. We spent the night Friday night, and then couldn't think of a great reason to come home so we stayed Saturday night as well. When we left last night after supper, the kid still didn't want to leave. She loves it that much. My cousin Jules was in town with her husband and two kids, so they had lots of fun. Saturday, my other cousin Tracy brought her daughters down too. Sunday, my bro and sis-in-law came down with their two, so it was quite busy, lots of children running about. It occurred to me at some point over the weekend, as I listened to L saying hello to various people. She knows more people down there than we do. Mom and Dad said that she's become quite the fixture, and everyone just loves her. Mostly, she knows the people with dogs, but also all the people with grandchildren or children. She's met virtually everyone who has a condo there, and there are 50-odd units. And SCORE. My cousin Tracy offered me a bunch of maternity clothes that she has no more need for, so I think I'm set for interview outfits for tomorrow. I'm just finishing up washing all that stuff, and now I just need to find my iron. I never ever iron voluntarily, and I don't think I've actually seen the iron since we moved here, so I'll have to hunt it. Fortunately, between working, laundry, ironing, and L coming home from school shortly, this leaves me no time to get nervous about interviewing in the morning. Funny thing, though - turns out I know three of the five interviewers. One used to head up EEO at my Cabinet, and I worked on several projects with her and for her. One is Mr. R.'s wife, who is just lovely. And another was one of my high school teachers. I think that one of the men is a branch manager, and I have no idea who the other one is. But I know all the women in some way. It'll be a reunion. So that's funny. Oh, and mojo still needed and appreciated.

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