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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Not the nitty gritty part. I'm hoping to be well drugged for that. ;-) But after. See, when L was born, it was so very quick, much quicker than anyone anticipated. I was induced thanks to wacky blood pressure, and bedrest wasn't helping. My folks and Mark's mom were in the waiting room at the hospital, just settling in for a long day, and boom, she was born already. Shortly after that, they were all in the room with us. Mark and I had time with L first, of course, but then we all were in there for half an hour or so. Then they took L off to the nursery for a few hours; I didn't particularly like that, but it's hospital policy. This time is a bit different. We already have L, you see, and she is beyond excited about becoming a big sister. Her feelings matter more to me than anyone else's in the world. (Sorry, dear, but it's true. You're a grown up, on paper anyway.) I already know that I'll be induced again, since I had such a quick labor last time. That's actually good - we can truly plan for it, and it won't be a nightmarish-middle-of-the-night-who-is-taking-care-of-L ordeal. So I anticipate that L will probably be at my parents' house there in Lex, ready to come over to the hospital as soon as he's born. Or maybe they'll be at the hospital waiting. If it's the same as last time, I'll have checked into the hospital the night before. I don't know about Mark's mom's plans for that day, it hasn't come up yet. I suppose she'll either be waiting at the hospital, or at her home here waiting for the call to come once he's born. It's kind of tricky to keep everything even on both sides, to avoid hurt feelings. Not a prob last time, as they all came in together. I *think* that my mom held Lauren first, then Mark's mom, then my dad. But I was drugged up, so what do I know? Here's the thing, this time. It's important to me that L be the first one to meet him, outside of us, of course. She certainly won't be in the room while I'm delivering. That would be too traumatic for a child, in my personal opinion. No, that's just for Mark, me, and medical staff. But before any grandparent even comes in the room after he's born, I want L to be there first. I want to have time with just the four of us. (You have no idea how weird that looks once I typed it. I'm so used to "the three of us".) And I want her to hold him, for as long as she wants to, if she wants to. Once she is absolutely ready to let him go, only then can grandparents get their paws on him. Or maybe they'll have to wait until he can leave the nursery; what's a few hours anyway? I don't know exactly how to work the details, so I'm going to leave that up to my dear husband to manage. I shall be somewhat otherwise occupied. As he always says, he has the easy part of this whole thing, so he can manage the politics of grandparents. But no matter what, it seems that I'm going to piss off a couple of grandmothers. C'est la vie!!!!

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