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Well, that was fun

Tuesday, July 12, 2005
And it's over. Geezopete, I hate interviewing! They were very nice, don't really have a great sense of how it went. I know I gave the obligatory one truly stupid answer, but we'll just have to see. They are trying to move fast, so hopefully I'll hear something one way or the other fairly soon. It was kind of funny, though. I had been told 8:00, so I was there at 7:50. Turns out my interview was at 9:00, so I had an hour to kill. More prep time, and unfortunately, that gave me some time to get nervous. I wasn't too terribly nervous, though. It'll either be the right fit or it won't. That's not up to me. Now I'm going to work for a bit, then off to the doctor. Tomorrow, I'll do thank you notes to the 5 people. Or maybe e-mails tonight. I'm thinking on that. Have a great day, hopefully pictures of the little guy later on.

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