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Monday, July 18, 2005
Here's why:
I mean, it's not that you can't express an interest in how everything baby is going, but whatever conversation it is you're having about said baby, she's already had like twenty times just today, and she's over it. And yeah, you're just curious, and being friendly, and she knows that, but...so were the other twenty people, and once the pregnancy becomes visible, people will just assume that the topic is open and start right in on epidurals this and jogging strollers that, and she's like, I haven't had ankles since the TV season ended and now I have to pretend to care what you think of cloth diapers?
And clearly, I don't mean you all here. But just this weekend, I ran over to Home Depot to pick up some paint and was stopped twice by people who wanted to talk to me about pregnancy and kids. I really don't like talking to total strangers that much, but when they see that I'm pregnant, they feel free to just start oversharing. It does get annoying . . .

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