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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Kirsten is safe. I meant to update you all yesterday, but I didn't have a chance. She made it through the hurricane ok, but when the flooding started, she and her friends headed north to Birmingham, Alabama. She left her car behind, but that area north of New Orleans had much less flooding, I think. That's where she is now, in Birmingham at a friend's mother's house. Mark's going down to get her on Saturday, and we expect she'll be home for a month or more. We don't have a lot of information about her house or her job yet, of course. The area of town she lives in had less flooding than most parts, but we just don't know. It'll be weeks before she can go back and check on things - they're currently saying it'll be at least a month or two before residents can go back. She works for Marriott, and her hotel may be damaged/demolished - I don't know how that impacts her sales job or what will happen there. We really wish she'd just move back closer to home. Of course, we're biased, because we'd love to have her here. In any case, she's ok, which is all that really matters. She has a suitcase, her 2 cats, and I think her cameras and some pictures. That may be all she owns at the moment, or most of her belongings may be ok - no way to know. I'm sure she's still shell-shocked, but she's all right. The rest of it, we'll deal with and help her as much as she needs. What else is family for?

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