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Saturday, January 21, 2006
At this very moment, I'm at work.  So I decided to make a list of the Firefox extensions I use.  I think they're pretty much the same here as at home, but I may update this post if I'm wrong about that.  For those of you who use Firefox, this may be slightly interesting.  If not, ummm, sorry.  I'm trying desperately to earn my geek badge.  My office roomie (Jay, UM, Mr. R., whatever) likes to say I'm like a dolphin swimming in the internet ocean.  It amuses both of us, I think.  I do love so very many things I find online.  Anyhoo, here's my list of extensions: Hmm, you know what, I think I may have a couple of different ones at home.  I'll check later on, maybe. By the way, I've turned off comment moderation. It was kind of getting to be a pita, and I don't always have time to check my e-mail or approve comments quickly. So there may be some spam, no biggie, I guess. Oh, yeah, I also have a bookmarklet at home (not actually a Firefox extension) that allows me to check whether or not my library has a particular book. Similar to Book Burro in that it works whenever I'm viewing a page on Amazon, BN.com, etc. - as long as there's an ISBN number in the url. I can easily check whether my library has that book before shelling out any cash, and can then log in to my library account and put a hold request on it. Quite, quite handy.
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