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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
I found this on TechCrunch. Tagworld - it looks really cool, and a gb of storage for media, files, apps, etc. Video hosting/sharing/tagging will be available sometime today. I'll have to check this out when I have a moment. But I still don't know when that would be!

I need some tool to host video of Sam - I have a really cute one of him from the other day, but it's too large for ClipShack. Since it's in Quicktime format, I can't edit it for length. I do love our new digital camera that will take up to around 800 seconds of video. It makes us much more likely to take quick videos of the kids, and if we can share them with friends and family who are interested, even better. But the file sizes tend to be huge, and most of the free video services I've been looking at have size limits. Maybe Tagworld will do the trick.

Sam started day care yesterday - it went really well. He didn't eat much, but otherwise had a good day. They thought he was older than he is, though, because he's so massively huge! Fat little thing. I do love fat babies! They're continuing to spoil him by holding him most of the day. He is a cuddly little guy, and he loves to be held and to smile and "talk" to us. Little flirt!
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