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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
First and foremost, I needed cheering up, so I uploaded this movie (from two weeks ago) to Clipshack. Next, I was reading Lifehacker, of course, and ran across this, which is quite handy. " . . . a simple little application designed to let you pin any program to the top layer of your desktop, meaning you can make any program 'always on top.' "

Following that link led me to this, which solves a minor annoyance of mine as well. "Sometimes we open our programs in a specific sequence, to keep their taskbar buttons in a desired order. But what happens if a program crashes or we close it, and then we open it again? That's right - its task button ends up last in the taskbar. Windows itself does not allow us to move the task buttons around, so we are stuck with two options: either accept the new order, or close everything and reopen them in the preferred order. TaskArrange brings an end to this annoyance, by letting us do exactly what we want: reorder the task buttons."
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