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Saturday, March 18, 2006
The other day, my office roomie and I started talking about this and that. You never know where our convos will end up, but on Friday it ended up about food and restaurants. He told me about a really good cuban restaurant in Louisville, and then we went on to discussing drinks. Mojitos, specifically. So I decided to make one tonight, and dang, it's tasty. All I had to pick up was rum, mint, and club soda. I already had some limes left over from making a fruit dip for Lauren's class on Friday. They were having a party, so I took over a fruit tray and dip. Just like this, except I added lime zest, some lime curd, and food coloring. You know, green, for St. Patrick's Day. It turned out delish. I doubled the recipe so we'd have some at home, and it's gone now. Lauren's teacher said the kids loved it, and ate all of it in a flash. But since yesterday, I've been wanting a mojito. To celebrate being awake this late for a change, I decided to fix one. Yum. So go fix yourself a mojito.
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