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Thursday, April 06, 2006
"When I have a problem that concerns one of my kids (meaning: When I want them to do something that they refuse to do), I see that I have a choice. I could visualize my child standing on the other side of a line, next to "The Problem", with me yelling across the line, "Hey, you better solve "The Problem". Instead, I get myself to stand next to my child, with "The Problem" alone on the other side of the line, with me putting an arm around my child, saying "Hey, you and me, we're gonna defeat "The Problem" together." I find that this attitude seems to make my kids feel better about themselves. It minimizes/eliminates shame."

Via ParentHacks, of course. I really need to remember this sometimes with Lauren. Because, you know, she's just 5. We tend to forget that sometimes, because she's such a smart little thing. And since Sam was born, she seems like such a big kid now. But she's not. She's just 5.
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  • You know, I have a boy in my class who was having a lot of potty trouble at the beginning of the year. Every time he had an accident, he completely freaked out. He was so anxious that it made the problem worse. One day, I was trying to talk to him about this and I said, "Everyone has accidents, accidents are a part of growing up," and he said, "Ms Hurley, I'm only three." I will always remember him saying that. It is easy to forget how little these little people really are.

    By Blogger Lori-Lyn, at 4/06/2006 05:35:00 PM  
  • What a great blog Parent Hacks is! Thanks for sharing the link.

    By Anonymous Jill, at 4/06/2006 06:09:00 PM  
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